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Improved Load Preview and new mapping support

This latest release of Data Importer brings yet more improvements to make it easier to build your graph, read on to find out more...
Higher fidelity Load Preview
Last release we brought you the initial release of Load Preview, which allowed you to get a feel for how the structure of your graph was taking shape before performing a load. We've now made the preview logic more faithful to the load process so any problems with your mapping will now be more accurately reflected in the preview. We now also support the previewing of properties.
High fidelity Load Preview
We hope these big improvements will help you understand how your graph is taking shape quicker than ever.
Automatic mapping of common relationship IDs
When mapping properties from a file, we will now try and guess the id value by looking for a column named
or ending in
. In the event you map only one property from a file, we'll assume this is the property you want to use as the ID. You can of course override any of the automatic mappings yourself if they are not what you intended.
Automatic ID mapping
Automatic relationship from/to mapping for denormalised files
When mapping the same file to a relationship and the nodes at each end of its ends, it's usually fairly easy for us to deduce which columns should be mapped to the
once you've mapped the IDs to the nodes. We now do this for you automatically and again you are free to override this mapping if needed.
Automatic relationship from and to mapping
Note that this currently only works when you connect two nodes with a relationship
the node IDs have been set, but we plan to improve that in future.
We hope these automatic mappings speed up iterating your graph modelling and mapping.
Small bug fixes and improvements:
And finally we also made a number of small improvements as a direct result of your feedback, so please do keep the feedback coming on our feedback page:
  • Resolved an issue where integer values wouldn't load when the flat file column was padded with whitespace.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause loads to fail when a Boolean value was used as an ID
  • Scroll zoom in Load Preview now follows the mouse cursor
  • Files with larger row lengths are now supported
  • Various small UI improvements
  • Updated Cypher statement generation ready for Neo4j 5.0 release